The Best Solution for Online Income

The constant evolution of the e-commerce industry over the past few years has created an opportunity for a new business model to emerge.  What’s happening is that companies who have done well up to this point are now becoming managers for new businesses.  That means you can own an online business but have it operated by a professional company that already has the systems and experience to make it succeed.  Providing a true “owners” experience.  You sit back and receive a check each month based on the revenue your business generates.

Up to this point the only people who had the chance to get in on it were close friends and family members of the guys running e-commerce companies.  Now for the first time they are taking on a select group of people as well.  What’s on the table is the opportunity to literally be setup with a turnkey business.  That includes an LLC, website, and unique branded product. 

The reason this opportunity exists is because whenever you sell products online you need to have a merchant account to process those sales.  And these days when you apply for merchant accounts they come with certain monthly limits.  So the ecommerce companies right now cannot expand their sales beyond what they are currently doing, even though they have the systems and potential customers to do so.  The obvious choice then in their situation is to partner with people to create new businesses, because with that new business comes new merchant accounts and a higher monthly limit for sales.  This creates a win-win because they bring to the table the infrastructure and experience necessary to run a successful ecommerce business, and your partnership gives them a new sales avenue.

As this industry grows more competitive, the minimum requirements to be approved for merchant accounts grows.  No merchant processor is issuing accounts without first verifying the legal status and finances of an applicant.  Therefore we’re not accepting anyone into this program who does not have a credit score of 650 or greater, a minimum bank balance of $1,000, a valid ID and a utility bill.  If you qualify then you have the opportunity to be set up with an online business and all the systems to run it – on autopilot.  The best part of it all is that there is no cost for you.  There has never been an opportunity like this before.  This is a true passive income stream at its finest.

So what the process actually looks like is for the first 4-6 weeks your LLC will be formed, business bank account opened, and merchant accounts applied for.  Throughout this time there will be occasional forms to sign, however most of the work will be done for you.  The most hands on thing you will be responsible for is going into a bank to open your business bank account.  After that it’s the merchant account application process.  This will be facilitated for you but you will actually have to sign and submit the applications.  Once your accounts are up and running there will be very little for you to do.  Everything that can be handled by the existing ecommerce company (which is now managing your business) will be done by them.  Usually a product offer will last about 2 years, depending on demand in the market, and while the income isn’t going to buy you a new house there are very few passive income streams that match this opportunity.  If you meet the qualifications enter your contact info below.

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